Kings Hawaiian Rolls & Dodger stadium!

By : | 0 Comments | On : March 28, 2018 | Category : 1

“Did you know Dodger Stadium serves Kings Hawaiian bread rolls? I thought you’d like that. We love those things too. Can’t eat just one. When one of those King Hawaiian bread rolls bags is opened up at the fire station there’s no way it’s going to last the whole day. But before we do a whole blog post on the way we like to make food using Kings Hawaiian bread rolls, I have to tell you what the Dodgers Stadium kitchen is doing with them over at the ballpark. Company Chow was invited to Pre-season first taste party to have an exclusive taste of some of their new dishes.

That sweet goodness from King’s Hawaiian was featured a couple of different ways. It was insanely delicious and I just have to share with you foodies here on the Company Chow Blog. Check it out!

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